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    Why Therapy?


    Significant or Chronic Emotional Distress

    Most people seek therapy to relieve pain or distress. While experiencing emotional pain is part of being human, sometimes this distress is severe or long-standing and it threatens to impair your daily life. At Brave Acorn you could:

    • Learn to heal through painful emotions by learning to work with them as allies rather than enemies.
    • Discover the gifts of the emotions that seem to be driving your obsessions and compulsions and learn to work with them in new way.
    • Turn body dissatisfaction into body acceptance with the help of your emotions.


    Body Weight/Shape/Size and Food Issues

    Emotional distress often gets channeled through food and weight issues. Food can be a tangible access point to distract from or soothe intangible emotional feelings. Psychotherapy helps you learn to learn to work with emotions directly so that you can reduce use of food to manage emotions.

    Relationship Problems

    Emotional distress often comes from difficulty in relationships. Troubled relationships may involve a partner, parent, child, coworker, or friends. Psychotherapy can help you understand the root of the problem and provide you with the tools you need to respond to it in more effective ways.

    Skills Acquisition

    Some problems are associated with the lack of particular emotional skills. Such problems can include addiction, codependency, perfectionism, poor self-esteem, or inadequate stress management. In these cases, treatment focuses on teaching people to learn the language of emotions and how to work with them to move in valued directions.


    Recent Loss or Transition

    Powerful attachments to others are an inescapable human experience. Enduring breaks in these attachments through death or separation can result in great emotional pain. Psychotherapy can help you cope with the loss as well as rebuild relationships in its aftermath. Transitions are also an inescapable part of life: coming out as LGBT; leaving home; becoming an adult; becoming a parent; adjusting to a new community; changing careers; divorcing; adjusting to a distressing medical diagnosis; and aging just to name a few. Learn how your emotions are helping you navigate new waters.


    Abuse and Trauma

    Being the victim of physical or sexual abuse (or other forms of trauma) can overwhelm your capacity to cope and leave scars that seem to impair your ability to live a normal life. Even the emotions evoked in these situations are there to help you heal. Psychotherapy can provide a confidential arena to discuss these issues with a caring, supportive professional. Psychotherapy can help you find the healing actions necessary to move from victim and survivor to thriver.