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    We all have intersecting identities (race, gender, age, ability, sexuality, religion, size, and socio-economic status just to name a few). An important part of healing and growth might be connecting with (or receiving services from) others who share an understanding of those identities. Here is a far from complete list to get you started.

    The Empathic Civilization

    African American

    Asian & Pacific Islander Americans

    Hispanic Americans



    • Friender: After an introductory survey that has you choose the activities you’re interested in, the app suggests people (men are included on this one) who match with at least one of your favorite activities.
    • The Mask You Live In
    • Men’s Resource Center
    • Pawdates helps man’s best friend find their best friend

    Native Americans

    Slavic Americans


    • Hey! VINA Created to empower women through female friendship, this app is considered “the Tinder for girlfriends.”
    • Peanut is an app that connects women across fertility and motherhood
    • Women for Sobriety

    Multicultural Organizations

    Learning Opportunities